Why We Love Coffee Mugs

Why We Love Coffee Mugs

They are Inspirational

My favorite mug has the quote, "Not all who wander are lost," printed on it, and I love reading that over and over each morning. That quote has defined me for almost my whole life, and it hits home. If you'd ask my boyfriend, he would argue that I am obsessed with the quote, being that it is plastered on our wall, and was printed on my first embroidery project. I love being reminded that you don't have to settle in life. Whether it be your job, where you are in life, or where you are mentally, don't be afraid to wander. This is the best way to start my day.

They remind us of our favorite characters

Take it from my 2 year old son, a cup with Mickey Mouse or Minions on it is better than a cup without. When you love something so much, of course you want it on your coffee mug. My Lion King mug reminds me of my favorite movie of all time, and that is probably why other adults find themselves buying character mugs. So many people have large collections of Disney or Moomin mugs alone, because they remind them of their childhood. There's nothing better than taking a trip on memory lane.

They add a little "personality" to our mornings

When your two year old is running around the kitchen island screaming, "Choo choo!" at the top of his lungs at 7 AM, you may wonder how you're going to make it through the day. These are the days I reach for my mug that says, "There may be vodka in here." This helps me see the humor in things, and I feel like it captures my personality perfectly.

It doesn't matter why you are obsessed with your coffee mugs, like I am, just own it. Your significant other may or may not threaten to kick you to the curb, but hey, at least you have an awesome collection of mugs. Turn your morning coffee into a special retreat with your favorite cup, and start your day right! Most of us can't survive without coffee, and coffee mugs have turned into way more than just cups.

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